I’m a 51 year-old action figure fan from Cologne, Germany and customize action figures using TBLeague or Phicen.

I’m an enormous DC Comics fan and when I was growing up everybody had a big collection of Marvel comics. I started collecting Lego when I was about eight and the collection just grew until high school. Now I started customizing action figures and replicated Danoby’s Custom Phicen Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey 1/6 scale figure as my first project.

I’m such a big fan of Harley Quinn, that I have to build the Suicide Squad figures too. I have designed Harley Quinn also known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel; now villainess girlfriend to the psychotic Joker.

I hope to find the time ( and TBLeague or Phicen figures! ) to build more customized and detailed action figures.

Keep ya’ll updated!